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Recipe Box: Taos Blue Corn Muffins

Taos has always held a fond place in my heart. There’s something so special about its many micro climates, of vast horizons over the sage spotted mesa, the white cotton candy-like clouds painting shadows and light across the expansive views, the cold mountain streams tracing pathways through the aspens. It takes my breath away every time.

My dear friend and I have been making annual trips to Taos for the last four …

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Travel Healthy | San Francisco Guide

To give you a truly “complete” guide of San Francisco/Bay Area may be a near impossible feat or might require me to live a decade in the city to uncover all the culinary gems and underground spots to explore. Until that happens, I’ve been visiting the city enough in the past few years to have established my tried-and-true favorite spots I hit every time I go for a quick …

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Travel Healthy | New Mexico Guide

If there’s a place in the US I could call my spirit land, it would be New Mexico. Call me Georgia (O’Keeffe, that is), there’s something wild and free about the expansive open roads, endless horizons of white billowy clouds, the soft colors of sage contrasting with the coral adobes, bright blooming cactus that captivates my heart. Next to Utah, New Mexico is an endless outdoor playground with plenty …

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Travel Healthy: Essentials for Balanced Travel

Born a double Sagittarius and raised by two pilots, my life has been filled with travel before I could even walk. Because of this, I’ve also had to be conscious of the potential for my body and mind goes out of balance from the abundance of change and stimulation that comes with the wanderlust experience. To kick off this new series on Journal, I’m sharing my essential tools for …

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