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Born a double Sagittarius and raised by two pilots, my life has been filled with travel before I could even walk. Because of this, I’ve also had to be conscious of the potential for my body and mind goes out of balance from the abundance of change and stimulation that comes with the wanderlust experience. To kick off this new series on Journal, I’m sharing my essential tools for staying healthy and balanced when on the road…

Herbal Tea
I never leave home without a stash of my favorite herbal teas in my purse. I keep a box of Rishi’s bleach-free tea bags and fill them with my own blends, like CCF Tea or a nettle blend. I also love Pukka’s Three Ginger Tea, Organic India’s Tulsi Tea, and Rishi’s Turmeric Ginger for travel. Grab a cup of a hot water from a coffee shop and sip a warming digestive tea throughout your flight. Hot water also goes a long way for keeping you warm and hydrated. Always opt for hot instead of cold and carbonated to keep Vata in check when choosing a beverage.

Nasya Oil
At altitude, it’s dry on the plane and often my sinuses feel the effects of this unavoidable travel climate. A few drops of Nasya Oil, a blend of beneficial herbs and plant oils, can be lightly rubbed into the nostrils to coat the mucous membranes and open up the sinuses. It’s also great to apply in the mornings after doing Neti Kriya (nasal rinse) and taking a hot shower to open up the respiratory system. A small bottle of this also fits right into your carry-on bag!

Dry, hot or maybe just feeling a little stale from the airplane? Rosewater spray is my ally for when I need a quick perk-me-up that my seat neighbors also won’t resent me for. I frequently refill a travel size bottle to also bring in my carry-on.

Yoga Nidra
I’m one to fuss around the house getting every last little thing done before my early morning flight, then I find myself getting to bed super late and waking up every hour before my alarm goes off at 4am. You too? Yeah, I know I’m not the only one! Rest is so essential to keep the immune system strong when traveling, so on the plane, I plug in my headphones and close my eyes for a 20-30 minute restorative meditation that supports this kind of deep nervous system healing rest. Downloaded this guided yoga nidra meditation to your phone to listen to on the plane or at your destination to combat the jetlag and travel fatigue.

I have yet to meet a person who has regular digestion when traveling. Most of my clients, friends and family have all mentioned how irregular their bowels become when on the road. From sitting long hours in dry, pressurized planes, poor sleep, the change in your regular routine, eating out at restaurants, constantly being on the go…there’s a whole lotta Vata present that can disrupt our digestion and elimination process. Triphala, a blend of three nourishing herbs, aids in gentle elimination and reduces vata in the GI tract. I always have a bottle of Banyan’s Triphala Tablets with me ready to take the nightly to keep my digestion supported and on track.

Daily Self-Care
It’s easy to ditch your self-care routines when you’re in unfamiliar places, but sticking to your rituals help keep body and mind grounded and aligned, and the travel anxiety at bay. The Ayurvedic Dinacharya practices for cleansing body and stabilizing the mind help keep indigestion, sleepless nights and a weakened immune system at bay. Even if you can’t fit all the rituals in, a simple evening abhyanga (self oil massage) after your land can go a long way.

Do you have tips for traveling healthy? I’d love to hear how you stay grounded and balanced when on the road! Connect with me in the comments below…

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