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You’ve tried everything under the sun but nothing seems to stick—from cleanses to keto, to high-protein and low-carb diets, to expensive supplements and superfoods. You feel overwhelmed with the slurry of conflicting information out there and maybe downright burnt out with the ever-changing trends. 

Your deepest desire is to feel peaceful in your mind and at home in your body. You crave to know yourself. Ayurveda is the way. This time-tested wisdom can take you out of the cycle of searching and get to the root of your health challenges. Ayurveda looks at the individual and their unique needs, recognizing there is no one universal diet or lifestyle that fits everyone at all times.

Ayurveda is the science of life and longevity. It teaches you how to live in alignment with nature’s changing cycles and seasons, and how to care for yourself with intelligence, intention, and grace. 

Working primarily with diet and lifestyle as the foundation of good health, an Ayurvedic Consultation will put you on track towards building a more sustainable daily routine, designed just for you. Whether you are wanting to focus on a particular health issue or goal, or are simply looking to learn more about Ayurveda on a practical and personal level—I’m here to support you.

What to expect

This isn't your average HEALTH appointment

There is no one-size-fits-all in Ayurveda. Rather, we look at your unique body type, your surrounding environment, and current stage of life to assess your needs and identify what will bring you into greater harmony and health. You can expect very personalized care throughout our work together.

I create a custom plan for you that includes food, herbs, body care, breath, movement and meditation. Together, we design a daily routine that fits your lifestyle and meets you where you’re at. My number one priority is to ensure these ancient traditions meet and support you in your modern lifestyle. 

There will be time for learning, practice, and discussion within our sessions. You will not only walk away with a comprehensive wellness plan, but a better understanding of your unique constitution and how to care for your body and mind through the seasons and stages of life you encounter beyond our work together. 


how it works

Personalized wellness with support each step of the way


In-depth consultation

We start with a 90-minute online consultation to review your health history, discuss present needs, and map out your health goals. This in-depth session helps me to get to know you and your unique story. 


Comprehensive wellness plan

Based on our initial consultation, I create a customized wellness roadmap to guide you step-by-step towards improving your wellbeing and meeting your goals. We meet for a 60-minute session to discuss and implement your plan. 


& Accountability

After 3-4 weeks, we meet again for a 60-minute follow-up session to discuss progress, work through any obstacles and reinforce positive practices. Each step of the way, you’ll have accountability and support.

Client Stories

the new client package

what's included IN your ayurvedic consultation experience

the tangibles

  • One 90-minute intake meeting to review your health history & map out your health goals
  • A comprehensive wellness plan made just for you
  • One 60-minute session to implement your plan
  • One 60-minute follow-up session to navigate roadblocks & reinforce new habits
  • A library of resources to support you beyond sessions, including recipes, meal planners, shopping lists, guided meditations, yoga practice videos, journaling & reflection worksheets
  • Email support & check-ins between meetings
  • Discounted continuing coaching sessions
  • Your own copy of Living Ayurveda mailed to your door


Given the current times, all client sessions are held online through Zoom video sessions, or by phone as needed. I work with clients locally and internationally.

the intangibles

  • Establish a sustainable personal practice 
  • Transform your relationship with food
  • Learn the foundations of Ayurveda and your unique body type
  • Discover everyday tools for healing digestion, improving sleep & boosting energy
  • Develop a nurturing self-care practice through the seasons of life
  • Learn meditation techniques for overcoming obstacles
  • Release self-limiting habits & thought patterns
  • Strengthen your intuition & reconnect with your inner wisdom



New Client Package | $450
*Payment plans are available upon request

Client Stories

Vidya Living promise

I strive to always create an inclusive, safe and uplifting space for all my clients. No matter your background or experience level, all are welcome in this work and path.

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