Natural Beauty: Turmeric Rose Face Mask

4I8A3764We’ve been hearing all about the benefits of turmeric for a while now. I often juice it, make warm latte’s, add it into my healing kitchari and nourishing stews, bake delicious muffins, and even brew kombucha with it … it’s safe to say I love my turmeric and this roots powerful healing properties. So now I’m putting it on my skin, too!

Remember my skincare mantra? “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin”… with your skin being your largest organ that absorbs 70% of what you put on it, it’s equally important to nourish your external body as you would your internal. This clarifying skin mask is made from all natural, edible ingredients free from parabens, dyes or other harsh chemicals often found in beauty products.
4I8A3845Turmeric has long been used in ancient Ayurvedic body treatments and beauty rituals. Indian brides even cover themselves in a thick turmeric paste before their wedding day for a glowing complexion. The traditional paste is made from milk, turmeric (also called haldi), sandal powder and gram flour and applied over the arms, legs, and face. After, the turmeric paste is rinsed off and herbs like brahmi, shikakai, aloe, bhringraj and amla are also applied.4I8A3770For a modern take on this ancient ritual, I used plain goats milk yogurt, a splash of rosewater and Evan Healy’s French Rose Clay alongside the turmeric. It’s luxurious. And if you’re wondering – it doesn’t turn your skin yellow. Instead, after the mask and moisturizing, your skin will glow radiantly. Both rosewater and yogurt are cooling, so this mask also makes for a great summer skin remedy if you’ve spent too much time in the sun.


1 tbsp French rose clay
½ tsp turmeric powder
½ tsp rosewater
1 tsp plain yogurt or kefir

Combine the rose clay and turmeric powder in a small bowl. Mix in the rosewater and yogurt until a thick wet paste is made. If your mixture is too watery, add more clay and mix until a thicker consistency is reached. Gently apply to the face and neck. Allow to dry for 15-20 minutes. Rinse well and pat dry. Apply your favorite plant-based oil afterwards. I’m loving Well Scent’s Luminous Super Serum these days!

Makes one mask

Note: My only heed of warning here is to make sure you wash your face completely after the mask before you hop into your bed with clean white sheets! Turmeric won’t stain your skin, but it does temporarily turn your sheets golden. If this happens, don’t worry, a natural detergent will take it out once you wash your bedding. 

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