Natural Beauty: Herbal Facial Steam + Province Apothecary Giveaway

I take choosing my skin products just as seriously as I take shopping for food. Since skin can aborb up to 70% of what we put on it, selecting a quality skin care line that is free of synthetic ingredients, dyes and perfumes is essential. I often use simple plant-based oils, like untoasted sesame in the fall and winter time for reducing vata or cold-pressed coconut in the summer for reducing pitta. I also used herbal oils for specific healing purposes, like Ashwangandha Bala for supporting my nervous system or Mahanarayan for achy muscles. But for my face, I like a more delicate oil with very little scent. Two years ago, I won a little care package of Province Apothecary products in a giveaway and fell in love with their Rejuvenating+Hydrating Serum made from apricot oil, frankincense and neroli. I’ve used it both morning and evening through several seasons and always notice how calm and hydrated my skin looks each day.

This is not a sponsored post, but a “pay it forward” giveaway to share with you some of my favorite body products that have nourished my skin through the years. I also love supporting like-minded women on a mission to make change through conscious commerce, and Province Apothecary’s founder, Julie Clark, is doing just this by creating small-batch, handcrafted skincare products from organic, ethically sourced suppliers and raising awareness about the mind-body connection of holistic self-care. See the special giveaway instructions below!

Now, as we head into the cold, dry weather of late fall and winter, I’d like to share my own natural beauty regimen that keeps my skin looking as lush as it was during my Kauai balmy weather island days. There’s something to be said for warm, humid weather and a little sunshine. It’s those juicy, plump Kapha qualities that keeps us looking vibrant and dripping with Ojas (our youthful life-force) inside and out. There are three steps to this home Ayurvedic facial I like to do weekly to hydrate my skin. 1) Steam; 2) Massage 3) Moisturize.

1) STEAM / Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Remove from heat and add herbs of your choice. I like to use dried rose petals, calendula, chamomile and a slice of fresh lemon, using about 1-2tbsp of dried herbs in the pot. If using essential oils, use lightly and add just 1-2 drops as these concentrated oils are very strong and can agitate the eyes of overused. Once the herbs have been added, quickly cover with a lid and allow to steep for 2-3 minutes. While steeping, set up a comfortable station for your steam. This could be some back support in a chair and towel to cover your head. If you have a low table, you may elevate the pot on a stack of stable books or box. Bring the covered pot to your station and remove the cover to release the steam. Have a seat with the towel draped around your head and the pot to retain the steam. Sit comfortably and breath in the steam for 5-7 minutes. Avoid burning by venting the towel and take a break if it becomes too hot.

2) MASSAGE / Now that your sinuses are open and your skin is moist from the steam, a facial massage can stimulate marma points and move out any congestion in the sinuses and lymph. Province Apothecary has a great face massage protocol. Read step-by-step and watch the practice video here.

3) MOISTURIZE / Finish with a liberal amount of your oil/serum applied gently to your face and neck to seal in the moisture and keep that ojas glow. 
Want to win a bottle of Province Apothecary’s Rejuvenating+Hydrating Serum and Natural Facelift Poster? To enter the giveaway, complete the three steps below:

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This giveaway closes Sunday, November 12th and the winner will be announced by Monday, November 13th. *Please note, participants in the US and Canada can enter this giveaway. 


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12 responses to “Natural Beauty: Herbal Facial Steam + Province Apothecary Giveaway”

  1. Sonia says:

    Mine is simple; sleeping and playing outside! Thamk you for the great share and giveaway ????????

  2. Savannah wellman says:

    Baths are my secret for balancing the outsides as well as the insides. Soaking in salts with some lavender oil and maybe a charcoal mask with honey!

  3. Sarah shaw says:

    Massage, sleep and movement!

  4. Saadiyah says:

    I love love love steaming and then using a mask before a shower! Skin feels absolutely amazing afterwards and I feel so good being able to care for my skin. TBH makes me feel calm not to mention refreshed and energized.

  5. My favorite right now is bentonite clay with apple cider vinegar mask. Followed by a serum of grapeseed oil with essential oil of rose sandlewood and frankincense!

  6. bentonite clay with apple cider vinegar mask. Followed by a serum of grapeseed oil with essential oil of rose sandlewood and frankincense!

  7. Courtney says:

    I always love your posts on selfcare! I love using my dry skin brush and current facial oils from Ann Marie Gianni. Massage and pedicures are favorites too!

  8. Jan says:

    I mix chlorella and honey for a mask as I sit in the tub. A little messy but so uplifting.
    I follow both on instagram and shared on instagram.
    Thank you!

  9. Jenner Harsha says:

    Dry brushing! The brush goes with me everywhere! Otherwise, I love a good hot bath with coconut oil on my face. And I feel so refreshed and my skin so youthful after a jaunt in the persistent Wyoming wind!

  10. Catherine says:

    Dry brushing and being outdoors!

  11. Nanette Labastida says:

    I love adding seasonal essential oils to my abhyanga oil. Right now it’s vetiver and cardamom.

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