Recipes: Easy Roasted Brussels Sprouts with One Part Plant

Easy-Brussel-Sprouts-RecipesOne of the coolest things about food blogging is all the incredible artisans, makers and culinary creators I’ve been able to connect with from around the world.  And if there’s one thing I’ve seen in this community – there’s some seriously talented women out there shaping the way we eat, think, and feel about food!  This year, I decided to launch a new series on the Vidya blog to highlight some of the kitchen goddesses out there who inspire me each day with their ingenuity of ingredients and artful presentation of nourishing cuisine.  This monthly “Seasonal Recipe Share” series will give us a peek inside each bloggers home recipe box and the many ways they each connect with their health through seasonal eating.

This month, I’m honored to introduce you to mega plant babe and all around awesome entrepreneur: Jessica Murnane of One Part Plant. Jessica’s journey into the plant world is an inspiring one, with tales of healing endometriosis through transformational food choices and starting a business (ie. empire) that brings together a posse of people to support positive change.  Her really rad podcasts, plant dinnersrecipe books and blog are equal parts sexy, sassy, and simple, making your introduction into the plant world totally approachable and fun! Here’s Jessica sharing her recipe for easy brussels sprouts with an orange kiss…xo!

When Claire asked me to do a seasonal recipe for February, my initial thought was “can I get another month?” Kidding.

Actually not kidding. I really did think that.

Don’t get me wrong, I live in Chicago and Februaries here are just about as seasonal as you can get. And when I say seasonal, I mean really cold.  My favorite farmers markets are closed for the winter and the city tends to hibernate and snuggle in for the winter, myself included.  I tend to rely on the all the jars of dried goods in my cupboard that have accumulated over the year – lentils of all colors, grains in every shape and form, and those mung beans I never got around to using. Lots of soups and stews and warm things that are served best in mugs.

Easy-Brussels-Sprouts-RecipeBut I love Claire and I was not going to let her down. So, I really thought about my very favorite foods this time of year and how I could deliver a simple and February-friendly recipe to my dear friend, Claire. It didn’t actually take me long to land of my other dear friend, Brussels.

One Part Plant Recipe Share

I love Brussels sprouts. I love how easy they are to make. I love how they require very little seasoning to make them shine. And I love how many times I’ve heard someone say they don’t like Brussels, try them, and then ask for seconds. They are a sneaky little veggie like that.

Brussels alone didn’t seem enough. I wanted to punch up the seasonal flavors up a notch. So I headed to the grocery store to get inspired. And as soon as I hit the produce aisle and saw all of the beautiful winter citrus staring back at me…I knew just what to do. Give my Brussels a little kiss of winter sunshine. I used a Sumo mandarin in this recipe, but any winter orange will do. I’ve yet to meet one I didn’t like.

One Part Plant Recipe Share-001If you’re not a fan of mixing savory and sweet, not to worry, I’m usually not either. I’ve never been a fan of an orange-glazed-anything. But the orange in this recipe is just a kiss.  A light peck. We’re not doing a full on make out here. The orange just adds little bit of something extra special to an already special dish. At first, you might not even taste it. But close your eyes and get ready for it at the very end of your bite. It’s a little sweet and not too aggressive…the way that every good kiss should be.



1 pounds Brussels Sprouts (1 bag), cut in half
1 1/2 tablespoons olive (or coconut) oil
1/3 cup fresh squeezed winter orange

Salt and pepper to taste. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. On the stovetop, heat an oven-safe pan on medium heat and add olive oil. Add brussels sprouts, cut-side down. Cook for 8 minutes or until they start to brown on the bottom. Remove pan from stovetop. Add the orange juice to the pan and give the sprouts a stir. Place in oven for about 15 minutes. Toss with a little more oil and orange juice (optional). Salt and pepper to taste. Dig in.


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