Film: Sadhana

Sadhana. The Sanskrit word itself has many translations, but in its simplest definition it means a personal daily practice. For me, it means doing something every day that connects me to my wholeness and moves me beyond my thinking mind. My daily practice provides a moment of suspension, a sacred pause of stillness so I may simply be instead of do, so that I may connect in with the highest truth in my heart, and be guided through each day from a place of deep connection to my inner wisdom. This is what sadhana gifts me. So as we shift, shape and flow together into this new year, the question I ask you is…

  • How are you filling yourself up each day?
  • What does your sadhana look like? 
  • Where are you finding stillness?

In honor of the new year, I am sharing a brand new video today I filmed with Todd Scott Co, over the summer. Our aim is to inspire and spark your own connection and exploration around your daily practice. Whether this is journaling, long walks, time in nature, meditation, mindful movement or mantra – how can you create a personal sadhana that brings you into wholeness?



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4 responses to “Film: Sadhana”

  1. GOGO VAFIDOY says:

    I love your Sadhana!!!!

  2. I run
    I also have posts about Yoga.
    I would like to join your board on Pinterest

  3. Sheinagh says:

    Om Shanti
    I love this video. Thank you. The music is great. The feel is truly flow. Love it.

  4. Rahul says:

    Doing little each day can work wonders. Do check out https://WWW.DEVVRATYOGA.COM/ONLINE-YOGA-TEACHER-TRAINING/ for more such details

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