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Mexico Ayurveda Retreat in Todos Santos *In-Person*

Pachamama Mexico

MEXICO AYURVEDA RETREAT in Todos Santos, Baja with Julie Bernier & Claire Ragozzino November 16-20, 2022 Join us for five sweet days of living Ayurveda, eating well, relaxing by the ocean, and reconnecting in community in the serene coastal oasis of Todos Santos, Mexico. Whether you’re new to Ayurveda or have been learning with us […]

The Ayurvedic Kitchen: Kitchen Intuition Cooking Course *Online*


Our Kitchen Intuition Course is a 4-class live cooking immersion where you'll cultivate your intuition in the kitchen. You'll learn what and how to cook according to your doshic imbalances so that your food can become your medicine and the source of your wellbeing. Together, we will discuss stages of life, climates, seasons, special needs and the passages of time that influence your body and mind. You’ll learn how to identify signs and symptoms of imbalance, and how to plan and cook meals to keep you in good health.


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