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Recipes: Root Chakra Juice

The Muladhara Chakra (mula=root, adhara=foundation, support) is located at the base of the spine at the sacral plexus.  It connects us with the earth and provides feelings of groundedness. It governs survival, our right to exist, and basic trust in ourselves and others. When this chakra is clear and energy flows through it freely, we feel secure and confident that we can easily fulfill our needs.  We cultivate a …

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Recipes: Blood Orange, Yellow Beet & Turmeric Juice

I recently read an article listing the top wellness trends of 2013. Guess what the first two were?

Number 1: The Rise of the $20 Gourmet Juice.
Number 2: Turmeric is the New Kale.

While I do hope that juice stays affordable for everyone, I’m loving that plants are getting more recognition as we continue to move towards a more health-conscious country! In the last year, I upgraded most of my recipes from …

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Recipes: Activated Almond Milk

To activate nuts means to soak and dehydrate them, releasing the enzyme inhibitors and naturally occurring chemicals that protect the nut from animals, bacteria, viruses and weather.  This compound, called phytic acid, is the principle storage form of phosphorous in plant tissues, especially found in bran, nuts and seeds.  Phytate, as it’s called in salt form, is not digestible to humans or non-ruminate animals because we lack the enzyme phytase …

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