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Rituals: New Years Rituals for Reflection & Integration

In the linear goal-oriented world we live in, how often do we take time to stop and reflect on where we’ve come from and feel truly grateful? Before we rush to making plans for the new year, this six step practice grants you permission to slow down and honor the path you’ve walked, so you can fully take stock of the many gifts the year has granted you and …

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Rituals: 3 Tools to Shape Intention & Cultivate Gratitude

I just finished reading this article on how goals are the root cause of failure.  In exaggerated terms, goals are the anti-progress in our lives.  How could this be? The article explains that by focusing solely on the vague outcome of our goals, we forget to define the process of getting there – the structure that brings our goals to fruition.  By focusing …

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Rituals: Creating Ritual & Meaning in Daily Life

Ritual is a topic that’s been on my mind lately.  As someone that has an impossibly hard time maintaining any semblance of a routine, I’ve struggled lately with finding a personal definition of ritual that lives outside of routine.  In my mind, routine is something you do at the exact same time, in the exact same order, UGH. Now doesn’t that just suck the life right out of …

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Yoga: Avidya vs. Vidya

“When the wave forgets that it is a part of the ocean, that is the process of Avidyā.”

Avidyā means ignorance, lack of knowledge, or false perception. In its spiritual sense, it means the lack of self-knowledge that leads to suffering. There are many levels of false perception that cloud your understanding of your true self. This process of forgetting our true self is also called Maya or Illusion.  Illusion …

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