Lotus Blooming Chyawanprash

Lotus Blooming Herbs’ Authentic Chyawanprash is an ancient (at least 5000 years old) Vedic Functional Food Formula based on the principle of food as medicine and medicine as food. It contains a total of 35 ingredients including herbal botanicals, aromatic spices and linoleic rich fats, which are skillfully combined to produce a delicious “multi-herbal” jam. In Ayurveda, the traditional healing system of ancient India, Chyawanprash is known as a Rasayana (Systemic Revitalization of Body & Mind). It is recommended for daily use as a nutritional supplement for longevity, wellness and rejuvenation.


Lotus Blooming Herbs produces a superior Chyawanprash that is prepared in an authentic and traditional manner, adhering to the ancient manufacturing techniques established 5000 years ago by the Rishi, Sage Chyawan. It takes a full 21-day cycle to produce one batch of Authentic Chyawanprash. All ingredients are prepared and added at the precise time and according to the traditional methods to maximize potency, efficacy and authenticity.

More details on ingredients and process can be found here.