Banyan Botanicals Women’s Cycle Nourish Tablets

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Women’s Cycle Nourish is made with traditional Ayurvedic herbs that address the vata type of menstrual cycle, in which a woman’s normal cycle may occasionally experience a limited amount of flow, an interruption in the regularity of the cycle, and aches in the lower abdomen and back. Imbalanced vata has the potential to disturb appropriate downward flow, while also bringing the cold, dry qualities to a woman’s reproductive system and creating cramping type discomfort. Gokshura helps pacify vata while ashwagandha brings the grounding and rejuvenating qualities that vata needs. Shatavari and vidari provide nourishment for the women’s reproductive system, bringing strength and supporting the body’s natural balance of hormones. And the formula is rounded out by the warming nature of the three herbs found in trikatu as well as the soothing qualities of musta and pushkaramula which help to ease your discomfort so that you can rest as your body undergoes its natural monthly cleansing ritual.

Balancing Formula for a Vata Menstrual Cycle

  • Supports women with limited menstrual flow, interrupted regularity, and discomfort with menses
  • Nourishing and strengthening for women’s reproductive system
  • Dispels and grounds vata
  • Supports the body’s natural hormonal balance