Rituals: Cleansing with Intention + A Guide to Intention Setting

I AMI just completed my seasonal spring cleanse and it was incredibly transformative. But if the words “seven days” and “cleanse” stopped you already with a rumbling stomach and a “THERE’S NO WAY!” exclamation, read on . . .

I was 16 when I tried my hand at cleansing for the first time. I remember a friend and I eagerly loaded our fridges with all kinds of produce and after 3 juices in we bailed for popcorn and movies instead. Or that time I tried the Master Cleanse and felt so faint from all the sugar I jumped ship after 3 days (10 days?! No F-ing way my body said). Then finally, there was that time I proudly completed my first 5 day juice cleanse, then promptly broke it with soy chocolate icecream and peanut butter covered pretzels. Yeah, that really happened. Point is, cleansing isn’t a cake walk and I didn’t just jump into a 7 day cleanse cleanse right off the bat and waltz out on rainbows with all my problems magically disappearing. It took time to understand the process of listening to my body and nourishing it with what it needs. What I’ve learned over my 8 years of seasonal cleansing is that it takes knowledge, preparation, commitment, patience and compassion towards yourself, and
most of all, the right intention.

For most people, cleansing is about quick weight loss. Often times you will lose weight on your cleanse, but suffer through the whole experience, dreading each moment you’re not snacking on your couch and marathoning Downton Abbey instead. When we approach a cleanse – or anything for that matter – with rigidity and resentment, it usually results in a negative experience. For me, when I cleanse, I like to focus on the health gains rather than the weight loss. I like to dive deeper and identify what it is that I truly want from the experience – because often when we feel the need to cleanse it’s usually more than just a physical symptom, it is an emotional toxin we are holding on to in our bodies and minds. So before you embark on your health journey, I encourage you to sit down and spend some time teasing out the true purpose behind your cleanse. With a notebook and a pen in hand, try this exercise:

Step 1:
Ask yourself, “What do I want from my cleanse experience?”
Learn: _____________________________________________

Step 2:
1. List out all the things you want in life that you do not have right now, from the material to the emotional and spiritual. Don’t leave anything out – nothing is too trivial, too vain, or too audacious! Take as many pages as you need for this exercise.
2. Read over your list of dreams and desires, can you identify common themes that rise from your list? Write down these common themes, then see if you can distill it down to a single word, the root of your intention.
3. Now write down anything you believe is stopping you from achieving what it is that you want (ie. fear of failure, a toxic relationship, distrust in others). List all the things that you feel no longer serves your life. What can you let go of in order to create space for all the things that you truly want?

Step 3:
Take a look back to Step 1, identify again with what you want to learn/experience/feel during your cleanse. Then with your single word in mind, create an affirmation to solidify your intention.
“I am radiant and healthy, filled with prosperity and abundance.”

When you focus your attention on your Intention of fulfilling your true desires, you’ll find all the cravings and difficult days seem to drift away when you’re rooted in your powerful purpose. Then 7 days really does go by in a blink of an eye! If you’re ready to try a cleanse, guided custom cleanse cleanse packages. Email me at claire@vidyaliving.com for more info on my program offerings!

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    I found just what I was needed, and it was engrteainint!

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