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Living Ayurveda: Dinacharya + The Art of Self Care

This post kicks off a new monthly series where I’ll be talking about little rituals of self-care and natural beauty recipes for that radiant glow inside and out.  But before we dive into the external, let’s talk about real beauty for a minute.

If there’s one thing a personal yoga practice has taught me is that you must, absolutely must, take the time to nurture yourself each …

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Rituals: Creating Ritual & Meaning in Daily Life

Ritual is a topic that’s been on my mind lately.  As someone that has an impossibly hard time maintaining any semblance of a routine, I’ve struggled lately with finding a personal definition of ritual that lives outside of routine.  In my mind, routine is something you do at the exact same time, in the exact same order, UGH. Now doesn’t that just suck the life right out of …

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Rituals: Bhoj Kriya, How to Eat Consciously

I came across this article from the Kundalini 3H0 center a few years ago, and these teachings have stuck with me whenever I make my way to the table for a meal.  It’s a manifesto, you can call it, on how to eat consciously for optimal health, written and taught by Yogi Bhajan back in August of 1992.  Bhoj means food, and Kriya is commonly known …

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Rituals: Cleansing with Intention + A Guide to Intention Setting

I just completed my seasonal spring cleanse and it was incredibly transformative. But if the words “seven days” and “cleanse” stopped you already with a rumbling stomach and a “THERE’S NO WAY!” exclamation, read on . . .

I was 16 when I tried my hand at cleansing for the first time. I remember a friend and I eagerly loaded our fridges with all kinds of produce and after 3 …

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